The New Perspective
Consciousness Comes First
You have a body, but you are not your body.
You have thoughts, but you are not your thoughts.
You have a personality, but you are not your ego.
You are a Divine Eternal Soul.
You are Spirit, having a human experience. 

When you see yourself  and all your life experiences through this perspective, you transform.

As you change, your world changes.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" (Gandhi)

Books from The New Perspective

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The New Perspective: Ten Tools for Self-Transformation                  Order Now...

This book is a guide for thriving in a world where consciousness comes first.

New discoveries in the field of quantum physics are prompting researchers to view the physical world from a new perspective. This perspective, that all physical reality springs from consciousness, inspires a former California broadcast journalist and his wife, a psychotherapist, to reconsider their own nature. This awakening takes them down the path of Self-discovery where science and spirituality... the seen and the unseen... meet.

Ron and Denny Reynolds share ten simple spiritual principles that have been meaningful in their lives for more than five decades. They offer Ten Tools for Self-Transformation that support their journey in the laboratory of life, where consciousness is primary.

Art of Relationship: The New Perspective [Book]

Art of Relationship:The New Perspective                              Order Now...
This book reveals how to enhance your relationship by turning it into a Spiritual Partnership. An inner sense of well-being awaits everyone willing to practice conscious awareness in a relationship.

This book shares insights from five decades of marriage and reveals the struggles, discoveries, and lessons learned in a life shared in trust and truth. Come walk with us into your own awakening as you recognize that the events of your life unfold perfectly for the growth of your soul. There is a blessing in every aspect of every relationship you'll ever have…especially the ones that trouble you the most.

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We Are Here: The Voice of The New Perspective                                    Order Now...

Ron Reynolds, a radio newsman, and his wife Denny Reynolds, a California Marriage and Family Therapist, relate their experience after accidentally discovering this Voice Within. The information, which Ron channeled while in a light trance state, was tape- recorded and is shared for the first time in this remarkable chronicle. Every session began with the greeting, "We are here," and proceeded to impart profound pieces of wisdom, guidance, and answers to personal questions pertinent to everyday life situations and challenges. In time, "The We" became known not only as a dear and loving friend, but also a trusted advisor and teacher.

In Chapter Nine you will learn a simple process for creating your own spiritual awakening by learning to tap into your Inner Voice to receive the gifts of Spirit. The Voice for God lives within each of us.