The New Perspective
Consciousness Comes First
You have a body, but you are not your body.
You have thoughts, but you are not your thoughts.
You have a personality, but you are not your ego.
You are a Divine Eternal Soul.
You are Spirit, having a human experience. 

When you see yourself  and all your life experiences through this perspective, you transform.

As you change, your world changes.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" (Gandhi)


Day of Love
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Rick Reynolds presents a full day of experiences to increase the love in your life. As part of the broadcast, we were interviewed on our perspective about relationships, communication & unconditional love.   It was broadcast live from beautiful Sedona, Arizona,  Saturday, September 17th 2016.
The New Perspective Tele-Seminar 
Exploring 10 Tools for Self Exploration - 4 Part Series
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Exploring Beliefs and Changing Reality

A message from Ron and Denny:

"It is our desire to make our services available to individuals and couples sincerely interested in enhancing their lives and their relationships. The tools we teach to promote Awakening Consciousness have been used by us in the laboratory of life for several decades. We want to serve others by supporting them on their path of Awakening. For individuals we focus on enhancing the most important relationship of your life...your relationship with your Self. For Couples, we focus on transforming your relationship into a Spiritual Partnership where you each assist the other in nurturing awakened consciousness and mutual growth of the soul."


We are a coaching team. Our fee is $300 per hour